XEPTIC STUDIOS.

a :: A Collection of my work.
Time span [1997-2001]

:: The images is mostly made with Photoshop. Some of the 3D renders
:: is made with Maya. I have worked with Flash since it was called
:: "Splash". That was before Macromedia even knew what Flash was.
:: All the images/flash/scripts is copyrighted to me, but if you feel like
:: using them, just send me a mail. The scripts is all made in Perl. Feel
:: free to use them as much as you want.
:: Thats all for now, maybe I will update this text later. Have a nice
:: day! // Christoffer Sandberg


:: iMAGES ( Press thumb to get a larger view )
Living in a box
PnG 3D
Xeptic Studios 2
Xeptic Studios 3
Honda 2000
VF-1 Varitech 2
Xeptic Studios 1
VF-1 Varitech




:: FLASH ( Press thumb to get a larger view )
Aurora Borealis (320kb)
Easy Rider (475kb)
ebzoner (490kb)
Nordic Design (148kb)
Sandberg Intro (192kb)
Xeptic_1 (97kb)
Xeptic_2 (27kb)
Xeptic_3 (306kb)
Xeptic_4 (423kb)
Xeptic_5 (795kb)
Xeptic_6 (43kb)
Xeptic_7 (168kb)

Scripts will come soon...